A High Performance, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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N Chainz

Centralized exchanges rely on trusting that their owners will take the proper security precautions. This has led to many incidents of stolen cryptocurrency adding up to billions of dollars worth of losses, and is a stark contrast to the decentralization of the rest of the space. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges have the potential to be much more secure: theoretically, users are not vulnerable to server downtime and hacks, and can retain anonymity.

We present N Chainz, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with a unique multi-chain architecture. We built N Chainz from the ground up, and included features such as block generation, limit orders, and the ability to trade a base token with another token. More details are included in our whitepaper.

System Overview

A system overview

Multiple Blockchains

A system overview

Web UI: Order Matching & Price Chart

A system overview


go get -d
go install


(from project root):
nchainz COMMAND [ARGS]

Account management

Creating transactions

Running a node or miner



The GNU Affero General Public License (see LICENSE)